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Chris and Brian are great people, its a pleasure to work with them. They have made 2 Escape rooms for us and looking forward our 3rd. Quality and service a definite 5 star. I would recommend using them over and over again. No need to look for any other supplier.

Mike Turano

I dealt with Brian Warner’s company for the first time in 2010 and I was blown away by the build quality of his props, the timeliness of his delivery and his outstanding customer service. He built two custom animations for our attraction for 2010 with far too little lead time and the results were outstanding. I would encourage anyone to deal with Evilusions. Brian Warner and the Evilusions team are top notch in every respect. They were able to construct two custom animations for us on a super tight schedule (30 days prior to opening) and deliver them on time and to a quality level far beyond my expectations. Brian works each day as an industrial fabricator on multi-million dollar industrial pneumatics. Somehow, he manages to carry that quality level over to his haunt products while maintaining best in industry pricing.

Brett Hays

Director - Fear Fair Haunted Attraction

Evilusions provides extensive knowledge in the mechanics of design, construction and installation of all types of props and animatronics specifically geared for the haunt industry. Evilusions provides quality products and excellent product support. If something goes wrong, Brian will fix or replace it. They always make it “right”. Brian has a love of the industry and takes pride in the success of the businesses he supports. We will continue to utilize Evilusions on upcoming projects as they have earned and become my vendor of choice.

John Eslich

Factory of Terror Haunted Attraction

Just a quick update… Yesterday we picked Brian (Gadget) Warner up at the airport and brought him to Raycliff Manor to begin working on a number of custom automations he’s doing for our new attraction. Gadget is using the Raycliff Hearse during his stay for transportation. I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of him in the hearse. But anyway, I digress. From the moment we recently got in touch with him, Gadget has demonstrated outstanding communication and follow up. He arrived ready to go and he’s already installed and customized 6 controller boxes, a slammer pneumatic automation and another automation. He’s fast and he does quality work. Today he’ll be installing additional effects for us and he’s probably already doing so as I type this message. At any rate, I just wanted to take a moment to share some positive feedback on Gadget and the company Evilusions. I believe he’s completely booked and unable to take additional orders for this season, but check with him; however, if you are looking for a top notch haunt vendor to help you with your future custom pneumatic and automation needs, Evilusions, [url][/url] , is one I’d highly recommend! There are some incredible vendors in the haunted attraction industry and Evilusions is at the top of the list in my book!:D……

It was sad to see Gadget leave yesterday, but he left quite an impressive and quality imprint on the new Raycliff Carriage House attraction in his wake! Gadget, awesome work my friend! Thanks for taking the time to help us with the other items as well! You really go WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND my friend! I’m glad Lee was able to get the strippers you requested and thanks again for the help with the zipper

Kelly Allen

Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

Over the last 15 months I’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on off the shelf escape room props with Evilusions. Brian and Chris have been quick to respond whenever I had a question and have clearly communicated during each transaction. The single greatest reason to buy from these guys is that they get how ER props are handled [ abused ] by guests. You can make them pretty when you get them in your shop, but they are very well built – both the construction and the electronic guts. They sell them plain jane so you can set dress them any way you wish. Even though Brian is highly sought after for his glowing Youtube personality, have no fear, they are all about the business of building props that show up for work every day.

Greg Butler

Brian has been working with Gore Galore over the last couple years. The engineering of the animations he builds is bar none to most anything offered in this industry. Almost none of the vendors in the haunt industry design anything with bearings, but everything Evilusions sells is built for longevity in mind and comes with bearings and grade 8 bolts.

Kevin Alvey

Owner, Gore Galore

Brian Warner and Evilusions provide great service for an excellent price. I am fairly new to pneumatic props. I had some concepts in mind and had what I thought to be good effective lists of parts. I had already decided that Evilusions had great prices. But, I decided to give Brian a call and describe my scenarios to see if there were more effecient solutions. Brian talked it over with me, came up with a parts list for my three projects and sent them off as soon as I had paid. The three projects were nicely packaged together and labeled. I had no problems hooking up the mechanisms. I had questions regarding how many air tanks I wanted to buy and the most effecient way to route the air and place the tanks for my whole haunt (which had a few other simple air props as well). Brian was a huge help and our haunt would not have run as smoothly without his assistance. I highly reccomend Evilusions and Brian Warner to anyone looking for parts or full mechanisms. “

Sean Overton

Haunted Garage

We are currently using the Snapper Crate from Evilusions, the prop has worked flawlessly for us the every night. They quickly respond to any questions you have regarding the effects and can create anything you can dream up. They are currently revamping props for us for this year and we will defiantly work with them to develop new and innovative props for the future.

Justin Dlugokecki

Fortress of Fear/Phantom House Haunted Attractions

The best in the industry for Escape Room products to complete rooms. The most durable and coolest looking props you will find, nobody has come close to there quality. Every time we come up with some new crazy idea for our escape rooms there is no doubt that they can make our crazy ideas into reality.

Jonathan Worobec

Michigan Escape Room

The Thunderbox I bought from Evilusions offered the best bang-for-buck (pun intended) of any lightening simulator on the market. The unit was packaged with a killer thunder CD and easy to read instructions that made it virtually child’s play to implement into my yard haunt. I’ll be back to purchase more this season as we develop our first charity haunt!!


Virgil Music

I’ve worked with Brian the last two Halloweens and he is always willing to answer questions…especially since I have not done much with pneumatics previously. In 2007 I bought a TCT kit from him and it was a snap to get everything put together. He took the time to help me figure out exactly what I needed. I recommend him very highly.

Robert Wolf

Haunted Wolf Hollow

Evilusions has creative and innovative pieces that will guarantee a terrific haunt. Each item created has had lots of time and effort put into them as well as many customization options. Evilusions is eager to suit your needs and will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. Evilusions products range from actor alerts, animated props, ghosts in the walls to lighting and even audio controllers. If you are looking for something new, hand created and pieces to scare the pants off your guests…you have come to the right place.

Adam Graniss

Home Haunter