Find answers to our most commonly asked questions!

What PSI should I run my prop at?

Most of our animatronic props and mechanisms are built to run at 60 psi or lower. This does not necessarily reduce the forces in your prop, but it will save wear and tear on your compressors and air system components.

How fast will I get my order?

We operate by the pick two rule. Fast, inexpensive, high quality. We have always picked high quality, and inexpensive. So we aren’t the fastest. But we take great pride in our work. Most pneumatic components ship with in 1 week. Pneumatic mechanisms and air cannons usually about 2 weeks, and full animatronic characters about 4 weeks. Some items can be shipped faster if needed, please advise us of your urgency and we can advise you of any options available to get your order to you asap.

What are the standard cylinder sizes you keep in stock?

Evilusions standardized what cylinders we use on our props so that we don’t have to stock every size cylinder. We normally have in stock:
3/4″ Bore 2″ Stroke
1-1/16″ Bore 2″, 4″, 12″, and 12″ Non-rotating Strokes
1-1/2″ Bore 2″ and 4″ Strokes
2″ Bore 2″, 4″, 9″ Strokes

Most other sizes are ordered at the time you place your order with us, and take 7-14 days to get from the factory.

Do you use bolts as pivot points?

No we do not. Every pivot point on our props is one type of bearing or another. We use a combination of plain bronze bearings, roller needle thrust bearings, mounted ball bearings, clevis pins, etc. All our pivot points components are designed to be just that.


Why don’t you use water sprinkler valves or door closer pistons?

Quality and engineering. We only use high quality industrial components on our props and air cannons. You as a customer should look for quality when purchasing items for your haunt, not only for longevity, but saftey. Companies that use water sprinkler valves on their air cannons are not looking out for the saftey of your customers. The same goes for those ebay store prop sellers that sell you an animatronic built with wood, bungee cord, and a hacked screen door closer cylinder. Not only are these practices just not proper engineering, but just plain not safe.


Why should I buy an air cylinder when I could just make one out of PVC and other parts from the hardware store?

Because it’s unsafe. Read this OSHA report about the dangers of using PVC with compressed air.