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From static and moving props and set design to special escape room designs, props, and turn key installations, we’ll make it custom to your needs and budget. The members of Evilusions each have very specific strengths and combine them to make the perfect design team, from the ground up. Whether our original idea or your custom design, you won’t be disappointed.

Services Offered

Escape Room Design, Escape Room Props, Escape Room Puzzles and Installations.
Sculpting & Molding, Haunted House Prop Design, Halloween Masks, Haunted House Animatronic Design, Machining, Welding, 2D and 3D CAD designs for Props and Haunt Layouts.
Pneumatic & Electrical Systems Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Scenic Design, Haunted Attraction Floor Plans

Our Promise

We have been in the entertainment business since 2005, with hundreds of combined years of experience within our team, there is nothing we cannot create. We have the knowledge and ability to build what you need, the right way.

Current News

Evilusions is currently running about 8 weeks on new orders of backordered stock items. We are running about 16 weeks on customized props and new designs. We apologize for the inconvenience this can cause, but we are growing our staff as fast as we reasonably can. We appreciate all our customers, and hope everyone can understand. We try to provide the highest quality products we can, at reasonably prices, so our lead times tend to run long. We would hate to have to sacrifice quality, or to raise our prices to be able to provide faster lead times. Please use our contact form or email sales@evilusions.com if you ever have any questions. Also, even though an item says “in stock”, it is not. This classification is the only way to allow an order to be taken for that item. If it were to say “out of stock” you could never add it to your cart. We are working to rectify this. All of your items are hand made, and will require time to produce.

Featured Products

Pedestal Switches


This is a 16″ square base, by 36″ tall pedestal with 12 switches on it. When all switches are set to the correct setting, the top will lift 12″, revealing a hidden compartment. This product is hard wood with an oak inlay, and can be customized to use buttons, any type of switch, any material, etc. We can theme any thing to match your existing room.

Mr Rotten


Mr. Rotten Latex Mask

Plant Monster


Plant Monster Actor Puppet

See what our customers have to say

  • “The Thunderbox I bought from Evilusions offered the best bang-for-buck (pun intended) of any lightening simulator on the market. The unit was packaged with a killer thunder CD and easy to read instructions that made it virtually child’s play to implement into my yard haunt. I’ll be back to purchase more this season as we develop our first charity haunt!!”

    VirgilVirgil Music
  • Brian has been working with Gore Galore over the last couple years. The engineering of the animations he builds is bar none to most anything offered in this industry. Almost none of the vendors in the haunt industry design anything with bearings, but everything Evilusions sells is built for longevity in mind and comes with bearings and grade 8 bolts.

    Kevin Alvey - OwnerGore Galore
  • Evilusions provides extensive knowledge in the mechanics of design, construction and installation of all types of props and animatronics specifically geared for the haunt industry. Evilusions provides quality products and excellent product support. If something goes wrong, Brian will fix or replace it. They always make it “right”. Brian has a love of the industry and takes pride in the success of the businesses he supports. We will continue to utilize Evilusions on upcoming projects as they have earned and become my vendor of choice.

    John Eslich – Owner Factory of Terror Haunted Attraction
  • Chris and Brian are great people, its a pleasure to work with them. They have made 2 Escape rooms for us and looking forward our 3rd. Quality and service a definite 5 star. I would recommend using them over and over again. No need to look for any other supplier.

Evilusions Commercial