The Device – 5 minute Escape Room Prop


Available on backorder


A standalone 5 -20 minute escape room prop game, with a great horror theme. Along the lines of a popular power tool named horror movie franchise, it takes the cooperation of all players to complete this game, making it pretty challenging. There are  multiple stages of the game as well, you will be able to control them, allowing you to decide how long it goes on for; thus it can be made into a 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute game, adjustable with just the throw of a switch.

The game starts by the players placing their hands into the game and holding down a button, surrounded by dangerous looking props that are poised to cut off their hands. As the game is played, the “blades” drop, trying to cut off the hands of the players. Everyone has to work together to complete the game to not “kill” their friends.

(blades are not actually able to remove body parts, come on, we’re not that mean…)