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JoJo couldn’t keep his job at the carnival, so now he works as a janitor.

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JoJo couldn’t keep his job at the carnival, so now he works as a janitor. His is just a little upset about that. As you can see, he still wears his make-up, partially because it’s become part of his skin!

JoJo is a pneumatic animation with 4 points of articulation to allow a realistic hammer swinging movement. He was designed to hit a carnival “strong man” game, but can be used to hammer just about anything. He is not designed to swing his hammer at your customers. We can customzie JoJo anyway you want, including having him set up to swing a hammer or weapon at a plexiglass wall to startle your customers. He includes animation controller with sensor, audio player and speakers, and inline air filter and regulator. You just need to supply an air supply and source of 12vdc or 110vac.

The air inlet on the valve is a 3/8″ push to connect fitting for tubing. If you need to hook this prop up using a standard compressor fitting, let us know, and we can swap it out for you, or you can just buy one of our adapters. All our props are built using a combination of fully hardened shoulder bolts, bushings, thrust bearings, pillow block bearings, and linear bearings. Our props are built to last.

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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 96 in


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