Color Button Game


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Easily program in a combination for the colored buttons, lay out some clues, and you have a great trigger game for activating any of our lockable devices (mag lock boxes, diamond box, etc). We can even set this up as an audio box where it plays an audio file thru a speaker when the correct combination is entered. To reprogram, just hold down one of the buttons when you power up, then press the 6 buttons in a combination, and you are done. So you can change it up between groups if you want to. The buzzer chirps when a wrong combination is entered, and goes off for 10 seconds when you are correct! Works great with our Color Button Game Clue Box, and can trigger most items including magnetic lock box, solenoid lock box or our diamond box, or any magnetic lock or 12vdc device.


Everything is open customization, just ask! Any wood, or material, and color or theme, we can do it all. You want LED’s, ok! You want it to be steam punk, Egyptian, any theme or just plain wood for you to finish your self is fine with us!


Below, there is a modification option. In this modified version of our color button game, we have two power inputs. One input keeps the magnetic lock, locked, even with no power to the color button game. This allows you to turn on the power to the color button game via another series of puzzles, while maintaining the magnetic lock.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in