Cell Block E Jail Escape Room Design


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A jail/prison themed escape room design. This one is a 4 room design, but can be built in one large open room as well.

All of our Escape Room Designs come with a game flow map, a pdf document containing the information for where to purchase all puzzles and elements,, of course alot are from us, access to folders of pictures and videos of finished rooms and build pictures for reference. We will also help to provide a 2d CAD drawing of how we feel the room will work best in your space. We won’t sell the game to anyone else in your state or about 75-100mi radius as best we can determine.

You may ask why us, and not someone else that’s selling for $100-$500? We have been designing entertainment attractions for 15 years, and escape rooms for 3. We take pride in the details. We always push the limits for Escape Room creativity and try to make a unique experience for all of our clients.