Asylum Escape Room Prop and Design Bundle

From: $8,972.50

basic knock box trunk


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Magnetic lock swing portriat


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Drop Compartment Portrait


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Steam Pipes Puzzle


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Lock Box Wall Mount - Multiple Locks


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Decon Fog Cannon

Pneumatic and fog effect that uses a 4" venturi to expel a large amount of air and fog as a startle effect.


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Escape Hatch, Metal Grating


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Wood Card Reader Door Control Box × 4

$305.00 each

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RFID - Single control game


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Soundtrack - Asylum


1 RFID Bust Pedestal


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Control System

Escape Room Package Audio Upgrade

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In this room you have  been locked in a mental facility. You’re are informed that the doctor loves to experiment on their patients. A lot. It’s also mentioned that the patients have a nasty habit of going missing… after the doctor has finished with them… it’s assumed the doctor experimenting on them is.. disposing of them… somehow. You now have 60 minutes before he comes back to start expatiating on you!! Good luck

This is a product bundle for our Asylum room. The room design, puzzle layout, and all electronic or mechanical props needed to build an asylum escape room. Package does not include any scenic design, or static props.


General set design: several padded cells, Victorian feeling office, bathroom/shower area and, morgue.