E3 Prop Controller


E3 Prop Controller w/ Audio

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What type of application is the E3 designed for?

Perhaps you want something to pop out of a crate then fire an air cannon while a light flashes, and you want sound- good CD quality sound, Oh! And make it loud! That is a perfect example of the niche the E3 fills.

Inputs & Outputs

For starters, there is 1 trigger input and 3 relay outputs. Each relay can switch up to 3 amps of current. Control lights, solenoid valves attached to air bags or pneumatic cylinders, relays- anything you can turn on and off with a switch can be automated with the E3. The normally open and normally closed side of every relay is available on the output connector. The trigger input will work with a variety of switches, sensors or contact closures.


The E3 is programmed using 4 buttons. An LED display guides you through the process. Pressing the buttons allows you to create your show in real-time and see it live while it happens.

Through the built in menus you can choose to create up to 9 different shows -each of these shows can have a unique sound track. You can enable a 10th ambient show that will loop continuously between triggers, and yes, the ambient can have a sound track too. There are pre and post show delays available for every show. You can also choose a normally open, or normally closed trigger input.


The E3 can hold nearly 5 minutes of high quality MP3 sounds files. Although capable of playing WAV files, we recommend using MP3s to maximize storage capacity. This sound is then played through the internal 40 Watt mono amplifier. There is also a stereo line out jack if you want to add an external amp or if you want access to both left and right channels. An assortment of sound effects are preloaded on the E3 when it ships, so you can hook up a power supply and literally use it right of the box. A standard USB jack is provided on the front of the controller to download your own sound files.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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